Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

Shape your attitude
Your attitude is one of the most essential components of your personal brand.
An attitude is not inherently good or bad. It simply is. Your approach to shaping that attitude is extremely important for your future success.

Emphasize a few things
It is difficult to convey everything about you in a personal brand attitude. That’s why you need to pick just a few things. Portray those things you are most passionate about.

Showcase your uniqueness
You have something unique to bring to the world. Don’t shy away from being who you really are; boldness is one indispensable characteristic for creating your brand attitude. As long as you are who you are, the right people will gravitate to you.

Select your fans accordingly
other people can help you by writing testimonials about you. Choose those testimonials that you think reflect your personality adequately.

Express your opinions
Opinions are the personal feelings that you have on certain issues. These are the viewpoints that will shape your attitude. They may be based on research, experience, as well as relative beliefs.

Creating a personal brand is a gradual process of perfection how you want to be perceived as well as understanding how others receive your sentiments. As you focus on the major aspect of your unique individualism, your personal attitude will gradually emerge.

Original Source: How To Shape Your Personal Brand Attitude

PMS Purpose

PMS Group Power Team

PMS Group unveils new Power Team to steer it through its next Growth Phase

power team

Professional Marketing Services (PMS) Group has made changes in its management as it embarks on implementation of a plan to steer it through its next phase of growth.

The new team is expected to take the integrated marketing and communications firm to greater heights by effectively diversifying its revenue streams as well as growing its footprint across Africa.

The company appointed Joanna Gow, PMS Group Managing Director. Prior to joining PMS, Ms Gow was a Business Head at Scanad. She has over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, during which time she led the communications for some of the most renowned brands in Kenya including Safaricom, EABL, Unilever, Orange, Britam, Housing Finance among others.

Also on board PMS Group is John Gikanga, the Creative Director. Mr Gikanga is an expert in brand communications, digital media design, social media strategy and editorial direction. Mr. Gikang’a has scaled up brands for notable organizations in diverse industries, including; Cellulant, Safaricom, Standard Chartered, CARE International, The World Bank Group, UNEP, UNICEF, Habitat, Marie Stopes International, the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), The National Treasury, Ministry of Information & Communications, The Communications Authority of Kenya, among others.

In addition Richard Njoroge is now the Chief Operations Officer. He was previously the finance manager at PMS Group. Charity Mbogho, who had been managing Quality Control and Field Operations at PMS, has an expanded role that includes Human Resource and Administration Management.

The new structure is a major boost for the firm that is transitioning from the league of medium enterprises in the country to a large enterprise, with an eye on being a regional brand.

Joanne Mwangi, Chief Executive Officer PMS Group, said the changes in senior management are part of broader changes that the company has made aimed at firmly putting it on its next phase of growth.

“With the team that we have in place now, I am confident that PMS Group will redefine the marketing and communications industry not just in Kenya but the region,” she said.

The newly constituted team is expected to bring to fruition the firm’s plans to increase its footprint in the region.

PMS Group currently has operations in Kenya and Rwanda and looks toward having presence in all the five East African markets. The firm is also scouting for opportunities in other sub Saharan markets. PMS Group will venture into the new markets either by way of affiliation or physical presence.

It is also diversifying its product offering. The firm has in the recent years diversified from a predominantly marketing company to include creative services, media buying, public relations, branded merchandise, events, promotions and outsourced management services in its product portfolio.

Original Source: Kass Media Group